What Drives Social Change?

Good question. I’ve been working on this as a part of my thesis. How do ideas move from scholarship to policy? What creates the intellectual mood of a time? I came across this interesting article from the Columbia Journalism Review¬†that talked about driving forces behind public opinion on climate change.

From my thesis I am interested in looking at the ideas of sustainability promoted by activists such as Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben (on the grassroots level) and Jeffrey Sachs and the normative frameworks they put out, as well as take into consideration constructivist and cosmopolitan philosophies and explore their frameworks as well (Anne-Marie Slaughter and Kwame Anthony Appiah for starters). Then, how do these eventually become law? I get the impression that artists and activists often have their fingers on society’s pulse before policy catches up. I’m going to peek into social movement theory too!

And….also from CJR – Bloomberg has a new sustainability section!! And it’s edited by Eric Roston, whom they interviewed! So, something’s happening out there. Let’s make it good!


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